Have Everyday Moms Create Content For Your Brand On Instagram

Leverage the creativity of everyday moms to create static or video content for your brand & share it with their friends, family and followers.
How it works?

How it works?

  • 1
    A campaign is launched on MyMoney specifying criteria for moms
  • 2
    Moms get matched through campaign criteria
  • 3
    Content brief is provided through the campaign
  • 4
    Moms create content basis the brief and submit for approval
  • 5
    Once the content is moderated, moms begin posting on Instagram
  • 6
    AI-drive analytics panel is used to track campaign reach & engagement

Brands That Have Succeeded with UGC By Everyday Moms

Why Content Creation By Everyday Moms Works?

Ensures Authenticity Target Group

Ensures Authenticity

Enables Trust

Enables Trust

Drives Engagement

Drives Engagement

    ₹ 50,000
    •  Moms
    • Estimated Reach
    ₹ 1,50,000
    •  Moms
    • Estimated Reach
    ₹ 5,00,000
    •  Moms
    • Estimated Reach

    Use of filters such as location and child’s age will be priced additionally.

    Brands that have#ExperiencedTheNewWayOfMarketing


    Everyday Moms have followers consisting of family, friends and followers who share a common interest. While the number of followers is relatively lower, it is characterized by a high level of trust, leading to significantly higher engagement than influencers with a large but impersonal following.
    The followers for each Mom will vary but on average, you can assume that each Mom participating in your campaign will have 3000 followers.
    Moms who meet the criteria specified by you will be able to apply to the campaign through the MyMoney app. Our algorithm chooses the Moms most likely to achieve your brand objectives
    You can specify the criteria for Moms, including filters such as location and kids age. Our algorithm will identify the Moms best suited to achieve your brand objectives. You will not be allowed to select individual Moms for your campaign.
    Every campaign and its pricing, assumes all Moms across India, as the default option. You have the option to use filters pertaining to states or cities, and the kids age. These filters can be used individually or in combination.
    Using a state filter will result in an additional premium of 10% to the base price, while a city filter will increase the price by 20%. The kids' age will result in an additional premium of 25% to the base price.
    Our team will moderate the campaign within 2 hours. If your campaign meets our Brand Safety guidelines, we will notify you. Your campaign will get activated within 48 hours of receiving the payment in our bank account and you will get access to the analytics panel to view all posts
    If your campaign violates any of our Brand Safety guidelines, we will get in touch to resolve the same. In the rare situation where we cannot find a solution, your monies will be refunded in 7 working days
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