How to make the best use of the Influencer Marketing Platform in India?

Gone are the days when we only experienced the traditional means of marketing. Today, we live in the age of the internet that is earmarked with several modern and sophisticated digital formats of marketing. It is much more convenient to hit the target audience in recent times. Moreover, the influencer marketing platform in India has redefined the input and output of marketing efforts to another level.

Case studies

Check out the case studies of top brands employing tactics of influencer marketing to increase brand visibility

How to build strategies

Goal definition

Influencer marketing in India should have a specific goal or goals specific to the campaign. The goal will help in strategy definition. Companies involving influencer marketing should define short and long-term goals.

Audience identification

This is a point that cannot be overlooked in any form of marketing - whether traditional or modern. Identifying the target audience is one of the main reasons that makes or breaks the promotional strategy.

Research about the influencers

Yes, you read it right. Researching about influencers is an inner activity of the companies that they have to perform so that they hit upon the right influencer who can help them realise their goals.

Engage Analytics on the selected influencer

Once you have selected the influencer for your promotional strategy, you can cover the extra mile to research more about him or her. This means that you can check the popularity of the influencer amongst the followers and his/her ratings.

Allow the influencer to take control

After employing the influencer for the marketing goal, the brand will have to take a back seat in terms of control and allow the influencer to use his/her tactics for attracting followers for the brand’s product or service.

Check the cost of influencer marketing in India

Influencer marketing cost has to be assessed by the brand. There is no fixed cost for influencer marketing in India. It depends upon the marketing medium used by the expert for the execution of the influencer technique.

Develop a relationship with the influencer

Marketing has no end and is a continuous effort for the brands. Therefore, brands should maintain good relations with the influencers because they may have to repeat their services in future.

Get in Touch

Content creation plays a pivotal role in influencer marketing because solid content marketing by a known figure (celebrity, leader, politician, bloggers, etc.) helps in promoting the brand. The company can get the benefit from reaching the right consumers and getting conversions for their product or service. On the other hand, the marketing experts unite with content creators to execute their campaigns in the desired manner.

The content creators or marketing experts know the market and the trends prevalent in the respective industry vertical. Hence, they can create unique campaigns and the influencers can align their followers to help in the positioning of the product. In this way, the brand acquires recognition in the market and creates an image for itself. This helps in the creation of brand awareness that finally leads to growth in sales through influencer platforms in India. The main aim of every marketing effort and campaign is to derive sales.

MyMoney is an interesting platform where consumer interaction yields positive results for several credible brands.

Here, we make an effort to identify 3 main steps that the best influencer marketing campaigns in India incorporate for the promotion of brands:

But the majority of successful influencers in India debate over the topic and say that it can be made into a full-time profession as the scope of income is high if followed with passion and consistency. This has led to the mushrooming of influencer agencies in India.

A. Choosing or selecting the right influencer - This is the main point that every influencer marketing agency considers while launching a campaign. The companies or clients share their business goals with the influencer marketing agency and an India influencer network is chalked out accordingly. The engagement rate of the respective influencer is identified and shortlisted by the agency. Other parameters that are observed by the agency about the influencers are their engagement rate with the followers and their past achievements in similar trends or campaigns. Accordingly, the right and desired influencer for the campaign is engaged by the agency for the promotion of the brand.

B. Execution of the campaign - After finalising the influencer for the campaign, the agency creates valuable content and a strategy for campaign execution. The content should be such that it helps to create the right awareness among the target audience and execution should be such that the right deliverables are achievable. The influencer database in India cannot overlook the relevant and existing competition because the campaign has to be a notch higher than the competitors to get the desired results.

C. Brand Boosting - Influencer Campaign in India uses their chosen medium to reach the target audience for brand positioning. This means that they will employ their strategy to acquire the results through their followers. They may be having their followers on social media networking sites and thus will position the brand accordingly. Videos, images, and shorts or reels are effective ways to communicate with the respective audience to get the focused reach for the message.

People like actors, singers, etc. who have millions of followers and strike a chord with the general public are celebrities. When they influence the buying decision of the audience through their promotional efforts for brands, they become influencer campaign in India yielding impressive results. Hence, celebrity influencers give that much-required recognition to the brand because the latter get followers for their brands. The concept is simple. The celebrities are ideal for their followers and hence they try to ape them in their normal lifestyle. When a celebrity influencer endorses a brand, the brand value increases and conversions also surge. The Indian Influencer network market is an emerging one and the influencers prefer to attach to credible brands only for promoting the respective product or service.

Celebrities are often attached to influencer network in India because people can easily relate to their favourite celebrity. Hence, the products or services promoted by celebrities are imbibed by their followers. This is one of the main tactics employed by influencer agencies because such campaigns can deliver the desired results. When the followers start following their favourite celebrity, it leads to conversions of the brand. Hence, the brand gets awareness, and recognition, and enjoys the loyalty of its customers.

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