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The latest marketing trends have experienced a sea of changes due to widespread digitalization. Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing that aims to utilise influencers for promotion purposes. The idea is to carry forward the message to the target or larger audience. Influencer marketing in India targets to reach a large or small group of consumers depending upon the marketing strategy. The best influencer marketing companies in India are hired/paid/rewarded for carrying the message or the word to the audience.

Case studies

Check out the case studies of top brands employing tactics of influencer marketing to increase brand visibility

How to build strategies

Goal definition

Influencer marketing in India should have a specific goal or goals specific to the campaign. The goal will help in strategy definition. Companies involving influencer marketing should define short and long-term goals.

Audience identification

This is a point that cannot be overlooked in any form of marketing - whether traditional or modern. Identifying the target audience is one of the main reasons that makes or breaks the promotional strategy.

Research about the influencers

Yes, you read it right. Researching about influencers is an inner activity of the companies that they have to perform so that they hit upon the right influencer who can help them realise their goals.

Engage Analytics on the selected influencer

Once you have selected the influencer for your promotional strategy, you can cover the extra mile to research more about him or her. This means that you can check the popularity of the influencer amongst the followers and his/her ratings.

Allow the influencer to take control

After employing the influencer for the marketing goal, the brand will have to take a back seat in terms of control and allow the influencer to use his/her tactics for attracting followers for the brand’s product or service.

Check the cost of influencer marketing in India

Influencer marketing cost has to be assessed by the brand. There is no fixed cost for influencer marketing in India. It depends upon the marketing medium used by the expert for the execution of the influencer technique.

Develop a relationship with the influencer

Marketing has no end and is a continuous effort for the brands. Therefore, brands should maintain good relations with the influencers because they may have to repeat their services in future.

Get in Touch

The marketing landscape has undergone a sea of change and brands are no longer existent in the centre stage because consumers have filled that spot. Social media has effortlessly become the hub of consumer conversation and the top influencer marketing agencies in India can hire celebrities, sportspeople, leaders to spread the word to the identified consumers. In return, the influencers are paid or rewarded for their task. The Indian influencer agency can help companies with their promotional campaigns.

The consumers have immense trust in such influencers and their word is like an order or command for the consumer. The influencers may be provided with the content by the influencer company in India and they deliver the same to the audience. But influencers also have their credibility in the market and they do not want to harm the trust and loyalty that the audience has towards them. Hence, influencers also choose the brand before delivering the message to the audience.

Although both the terms are used interchangeably in the market, they do differ in terms of working. Influencer marketing engages individuals for influencing friends, family, or a larger audience. On the other hand, Word-of-Mouth is the avenue through which communication happens between individuals.

In precise words, all influencer marketing involves word of mouth but word of mouth is an independent process of marketing that may not include influencer marketing.

The current status and statistics in the Indian market revealed that 50% of the respondents to influencer marketing fall within the age group of 18-30 years. This means that today’s youth can make, influence, and change the brand image. Youth is empowering the economy in numerous ways and influencer marketing in India is also contributing towards building a robust economy. So, it is better to look for an influencer marketing agency in India and discuss the marketing requirements with them for an insightful perspective.

In India, the number of active female influencers are more than their male counterparts. Though statistics also reveal that we experience a healthy distribution of gender in the trade, female domination cannot be overlooked in the field of influencer marketing in India.

The Indian market has witnessed influencer marketing companies in India in different categories but the niche that reigns here is fashion and lifestyle followed by travel, entertainment, parenting, sports, fitness, and food.

Influencer marketing in India is still in the growing stage and the topmost challenges that the influencers face in this industry are getting underpaid, facing delays in payments, and the profession is not considered at par with other white-collar jobs across the country.

But the majority of successful influencers in India debate over the topic and say that it can be made into a full-time profession as the scope of income is high if followed with passion and consistency. This has led to the mushrooming of influencer agencies in India.

The answer will surprise you.

The modern-day consumer listens to another consumer. The online trust of consumers is translating to real-time purchases and money. Consumers nowadays are more focused on reading reviews and talking to consumers who have consumed and experienced the product rather than depending on advertising of the product. So, top influencer marketing companies in India have a larger role to play.

People who know the audience and their preferences well are the producers of content to cater to their preferred audience. They have an understanding of the audience and hence can create content that can sell for the brands. The key to success for influencer marketing industry in india has much to do with credible content.

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