Yes! Anyone above the age of 18 years can join Momspresso MyMoney.
You can browse through campaigns, apply for the campaign you like, and complete the campaign requirements. Our team will check whether all requirements are met and once your submission is approved, your payment will be made within 28 working days.
There is no limit! The more campaigns you participate in, the more you can earn through Momspresso MyMoney.
Detailed instructions for each campaign can be viewed on the Momspresso MyMoney app.
You will get notified by us whenever our team accepts or rejects your submission.
Your payment will be processed in your preferred mode of payment, which can either be a Paytm number or an Indian bank account number. Please ensure that your payment details are updated under the Profile section of the app.
No! Some campaigns have follower requirements which are mentioned upfront but you can participate in other campaigns which either match your follower base or do not require followers at all!.
No, you do not need to sign any exclusive contract and you are free to work with other brands, unless specified otherwise in the campaign.
For any other queries, please email us atsupport@momspresso-mymoney.com
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